The Melanin Kollective
The Melanin Kollective
The Melanin Kollective

Welcome to The Melanin Kollective

An Online Community Empowering Souls on a Journey of Self Love, Personal Growth, & Exploration

About Us

We’re so excited that you’re joining us on this journey we call life, and we cannot wait to connect with other minority members who are looking to not only explore the world but their sense of self as well! (Note that although we are minority focused, we welcome all members that resonate with our mission!)

Members of this private online community space share about their travel journeys and/or spiritual experiences. No matter where you are in your journey, whether you've just started or have been doing it for a while, everyone is welcome! We are cultivating an online safe space for people who are looking to find genuine connections with like-minded individuals who are doing the deep self-work and expanding their physical realities.

We are Nancy & Krista! Here’s a little bit about our story...

We met over 10 years ago in Chicago while working at Guess Jeans on Michigan Avenue. We never imagined that retail would lead to a decade-long friendship that would ultimately lead us to the creation of The Melanin Kollective

Kollectively, we have in-depth knowledge of solo travel and self-exploration. We created The Melanin Kollective because this chapter in our lives has made such an impact in our lives. We wanted to create a safe space for other minorities all over the world to come, connect, and share their experiences about their travel and spiritual journeys.

Why should you join?

We are in search of those who are serious about transforming their lives, expanding their travel knowledge, and are committed to this journey of meeting yourself on a deeper level. We are not creating a community based off of the quantity of members we can obtain, but by improving the quality of the lives we connect with and relationships we form. 

If you are...

  • looking for a community of like-minded individuals by sharing your story, having thought-provoking conversations and expressing honest opinions in a judgement free zone
  • seeking genuine and quality connections
  • interested in fitting more travel or adopt a digital nomad lifestyle 
  • wanting to consume and share content that will improve your own physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
  • in search of connecting and working with other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives

Benefits of becoming an All Access Member

  • Full Access to our Travel, Spiritual, and Abundant Kollective Community to meet like-minded individuals exploring the world as well as their sense of self
  • Expert travel tips, recommendations, and knowledge for solo travelers
  • Open discussions regarding the behind the scenes of solo travel
  • Daily affirmations and journal prompts to dive deep into self growth
  • Astrology, Crystals, Tarot/Oracle Readings, and more spiritual tools to help navigate your own journey of self
  • Safe space to discuss all things personal and dear to us regarding travel and your self growth
  • Exclusive Access to retreats, group trips, and in-person and virtual events
  • Interviews and valuable content from member collaborations
  • Accountability Coaching, Support & Guidance
  • Feel good content to start off and end your days with
  • Opportunities to network with other entrepreneurs, small business owners, and creatives

Extending Gratitude

We wanted to extend our utmost gratitude to anyone that found us and found interest in The Melanin Kollective

In a world full of social media, technology, and AI - life can feel at times isolating and impersonal. But, that result comes with how we choose to utilize it. The Melanin Kollective is a way that we are utilizing the online space to our advantage by creating a community that cultivates genuine connection in a progressing world of technology. 

Yes, the times are a changing, but so is the human experience

Let's support, uplift, and encourage each other to grow by discovering the world and expanding past our own self limitations.

Sending you all the good vibes - 
Nancy & Krista